Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steps to upgrade Wordpress to latest version

Here are the steps to upgrade Wordpress to the latest version using SSH terminal.
  1. Download the latest version of Wordpress:
  2. Backup Wordpress install:
    [/home/user/public_html] $ tar -cz wordpress > wordpress.tar.gz
  3. Backup MySQL database:
    [/home/user/] $ mysqldump --add-drop-table -h localhost -u username -p databasename > mysql-backup-datehere.sql
  4. Compress the sql backup file and store elsewhere:
    [/home/user/] $ tar -cz mysql-backup-datehere.sql > mysql-backup-datehere.sql.tar.gz
  5. Extract new Wordpress files overwriting existing files:
    [/home/user/] $ tar -zxvf wordpress-version.tar.gz
  6. Visit the Wordpress upgrade page and perform database upgrade:

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